the west

Perth’s western beaches are some of the most well known in Australia for their ownership of iconic views and landscapes that are simply unmistakable. The drive that hugs this part of the coast is nostalgic to anyone who has made a lasting memory on the western beaches of Perth; the path that guides walkers, riders, runners and skateboarders from one beach entry to the next is home to footprints that cannot be washed away with the turning tide.

The coastal strip between Hillarys beach and Leighton beach encompass these more established coastal communities of Perth - Cottesloe, City Beach, Trigg, Scarborough and North Beach. Historically, the western beaches were the first Perth beaches established by European settlers and are a true reflection of the long-standing coastal vibe that is engrained in each wave and each bather’s salty skin.

One of the most impressive parts of this collection of coast is the Marmion Marine Park reserve. The Park includes a marine sanctuary, an observation zone, and a public usage area. This focus on marine life conservation is essential to maintain ocean health and an impressive snorkelling and diving zone for recreation and education. On any given day you can see student groups studying the corals and wildlife, travellers enjoying the unique underwater views, and even children being guided through their first voyeuristic journey of marine life.

On the western beaches, the tourist population is high, the locals are proud and protective of their natural asset, and the surfers revel in the gift of swell with which they are so often rewarded.