He says

I don’t think that God is a He – I don’t believe that there is a gender given to the higher power that is essentially just a more perfect version of ourselves. Our instinct if you will. I don’t think that there are hormone indicators, or genetic code, or genitalia that award God a status of ‘He’, rather, that being a ‘he’ in the era of the bible’s first release was more respected/powerful/God-like than being a ‘she’.

I can respect archaic doctrine to a degree and I do appreciate the status of a capitalised proper noun, which has never been awarded to any other in my limited knowledge.

While there are continuous and historic disagreements on the name for God, it does seem that rare agreement can be reached on the reference to He. Spell check will allow it, modern media will comply, and feminists are yet to advocate against it.

As a young, unwed mother who has a modern set of values and freedoms, the first stone certainly won’t be held in my palm.

But, when I say ‘he says’, I am talking about God. I am guided by God like many others are. And, while I choose the phrase God and others choose more atheist accepted phrases such as intuition, instinct, gut feeling, or that light bulb moment; I will stick with God and will choose ‘He’ where syntax prefers it.