in our eyes and the eyes of those that came before us

Lined by the Indian Ocean. Laced with fine white sand. Welcomed by deep blue waters. Farewelled by unique, piercing sunsets. This is Perth, the most isolated city in the world and the unofficial ‘jewel of the Indian Ocean’.

During the long, hot summers, Perth is where shoes and even conventional clothing is optional and replaced, often for months on end, by sandy feet and wet bathers. This iconic lifestyle is revered by many around the world and one that we hold onto with both hands. Our fair city boasts the title of ‘world’s sunniest capital city’, with an average of eight hours of sunlight a day, and consistently rates above the fold as one of the world’s most liveable cities. Perth-ians are notoriously patriotic, particularly when it comes to their beaches.

As ‘winter’ approaches here in Perth, the coastline is by no means left with the abandonment that you may expect from the cooler months; the surfing population revel in the bigger swell, the kite surfers bow down to the gods of wind and breeze, while the loyal dawn swimmers strip off and continue their laps all year round. The winters are mild and the Indian Ocean is nature’s playground that is always open.

This unique coastline retains a rugged, raw, West Australian feeling with its limestone rock formations, natural reefs, and abundant marine life, despite being in close proximity to bustling coastal suburbs.

In comparison to other parts of the world, the coastline of Perth remains relatively untouched by major man-made infrastructure or development - sand dune conservation and coastal preservation being held in high esteem with all local beach lovers.

Here, we work, we play, we live, we love, and we do it all with the energy of the ocean pulsing behind our eyes and our skin. This is Perth and it truly is, in our eyes and the eyes of those that came before us, perfection.